diagnostic services
Be assured of a comprehensive and efficient outpatient and surgical service. A team of consultants (opticians, orthoptists etc.) and a specialist group of ophthalmic trained nursing staff all make every effort to ensure you receive first class care. We offer various services ranging from general eye examinations and special tests, to assessment and treatment of glaucoma, oculoplastic, medical retina with diabetes, lachrymal, paediatric and squint. If surgery is required most conditions are treated under local anaesthetic allowing patients to recover in their own home.

We have the following diagnostic equipment:

  1. Visual field plotter;
    To diagnose Glaucoma, some brain tumours and other related
    To measure the visual field of a person’s eye.
  2. Slit lamp;
    Eye microscope used to magnify the eye.
  3. Auto Refractor / Keratometer;
    Objectively measures refraction to determine the lens to be worn by the client.
    It is also used to measure the corneal curvature.
  4. Biometric ultrasonic analyser;
    It used to detect for any abnormality in the eye. A 3-mirror Angle diagnostic lens is also used. It measures the eye from the front to the back.
  5. Ophthalmoscope both direct and indirect;
    It is used for Funduscopy (Visualizing the inner sideof the eye.)
  6. Exophthalmometer;
    Measures the protrusion of the eye, especially sunken eyes.
  7. Prisms;
    Measures squints
  8. Trial lens set;
    Colour vision tests
  9. Projector;
    Tests the eyesight and co-ordination of the eye.