Radiology & Imaging

diagnostic services
We have one of the leading Imaging centres in the country. Our imaging facility is multimodal with state-of-the-art equipment. These include: Ultrasound Machines, Fluoroscopy Machines, X-Ray, CT-Scan and the MRI; the first magnetic resonance imager in the country. All machines are digital, and can support tele-medical imaging interpretation whenever necessary. They are all fully commissioned and are in perfect condition.

The facility is readily accessible and we are committed to providing a wide range of examinations in an environment of collaboration with our patients.
It is run by a team of highly professional and experienced staff.

Upon arrival (at the Imaging Service Department,) please register at our main reception desk and you’ll be qued up for the examination.  Kindly bring your doctoral request with you.

Some of the tests we carry out include;

  • Doppler
  • Fluoroscopy


The past seven years have seen the Radiology department receive students from Makerere University College of Health Sciences doing Bachelors in Medical Radiography and Masters in Radiology,  from the College of Allied Health Sciences doing Diploma in Medical Radiography and from ECUREI pursuing Bachelors in Medical Imaging. As a department, we have been teaching and taking them through clinical practice in diagnostic imaging.
The department also received Radiographers from a major hospital in Rwanda for clinical training in various imaging modalities.
We did receive students from the Department of Physics, Makerere University,whose major interest was in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

With more discipline in our time management as an institution only the sky may be the limit to our growth…..the late Rev.Ian Cameron Robinson once said…’time is a spot and not a period…ten o’clock means exactly that not thereafter’…..

For any questions that you may have before, during or after your visit so please feel free to contact us at