The idea of Kampala hospital was conceived in 1995 by a group of highly skilled medical doctors, other professionals and businessmen in Uganda. The hospital was opened in 2007. The intention was to bring non-existent services to the countries that were sought by many people who frequently moved abroad to seek quality medical care. Additionally, the initiators’ identified the need for diagnostic medical equipment in the country. They correspondingly wanted to close the gap of retaining medical personnel’s that opted to seek employment abroad by availing such equipment to match their skills and achieve the desired goal, of provision of medical care that rivalled at a global platform.

our values
  • Nurturing for your positive growth and development.
  • Excellence as a set standard in delivering quality services.
  • Integrity in our dealings.
  • Respect in our services.
  • Compassion for our patients.
  • Accountability for our actions.
  • To establish a centre of excellence equipped with diagnostic facilities to enable quick diagnosis, irrespective of the complexity of the disease.
  • To provide a day-care facility that by nature reduces the cost of treatment to the patient.
  • To provide a facility that would offer job satisfaction to the skilled manpower and thus reduce the brain drain that had devolved Uganda.
  • To create a hospital in an environment that is not only conducive to quick recovery but so enjoyable to work in.
our culture

Kampala Hospital works in co-operation, and not in competition with all health care service providers countrywide to enhance the quality of health care.

Brand Personality

We are a specialist and diagnostic centre
We offer patient-centered services and quality health/patient care